Cobbleacre Park was started by Trevor Seales  who had a waterlogged meadow he used to graze cattle on. He decided to dig a small pond to try and drain the land but changed is mind and decided the ground was to wet so decided to dig a lake.


While he was digging he hit natural springs which eventually filled to form our first lake. The sale of stone removed from the site allowed Trevor to stock the lake with fish, word soon got around people came to fish. That lake is now our specimen lake.


As the years went on we dug more lakes each yielding more stone. Each lake is named after a grandchild of Trevors, Adam, Gianna, Amy, Mario & Alex. In 2004 we decided to expand into static caravan holidays and then caravan and camping. More recently we have started selling holiday homes which are located on site.

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Telephone:01603 754305


Email: info@cobbleacre.co.uk


Address: Cobbleacre Park,Brick Kiln Road, Hevingham, Norfolk, NR10 5NL