Adam’s Lake

This is our runs water perfect for the carp angler. The lake is roughly 3 acres in size with depths ranging between 3ft – 7ft.

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Alex’s Lake

This is our fun lake. An odd shaped lake being only ¾ acre in size with depths from 2ft – 6ft. This lake is a good start for any beginner.

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Amy’s Lake

This is the match lake.  A 2 ½ acre lake oval in shape with two islands 12 – 26 metres from the pegs. The lake has depths of 3ft – 15ft & 34 pegs.

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Gianna’s Lake

An old traditional pleasure lake set in 1 ½ acres with depths from 2ft – 9ft. This lake is ideal for the pleasure angler.

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Mario’s Lake

This lake is the jewel within our crown, a beautiful mature 3.5 acre lake with depths from 5 – 13 feet. Our specimen lake is perfect for carp fishing; any angler will fully enjoy this lake.

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