Season Pitch Terms and Conditions

1. Nothing in this Agreement will reduce your statutory rights relating to faulty or misdescribed goods. For further information about your statutory rights contact your local authority Trading Standards Department or Citizens’ Advice Bureau.


2. You are entitled to station the Caravan on the Park for the Season and to occupy the Caravan for holiday and recreational purposes during the Season.


3. Our obligations under this Agreement are as follows:

To keep the Park insured against third party claims to a minimum value of £2m per claim

To provide the Services to the pitch on which the Caravan is sited

To charge for utilities only in accordance with the requirements of the law.


 4. Your obligations under this Agreement are as follows:

 To pay the Pitch Fee

 To pay any non-domestic rates charged in respect of the Caravan

 To comply with the behaviour standards set out in clause 5 of these Terms and Conditions

 To use the Caravan only during the Season and not otherwise than for holiday and recreational purposes

 To insure the Caravan and all motor cars using the Park as required if the same were used on a road

 To repair storm and any accidental damage which the Caravan suffers during the Season.


5. You agree to comply with the following behaviour standards:

Not to be a nuisance to other users of the Park or to us or our staff

To act towards us and our staff in a reasonable, courteous and considerate manner

To supervise children so that they are not a nuisance or danger to themselves or others

Not to use the Caravan or the Park for any criminal or anti-social activity or to overcrowd the Caravan

Not to carry or have at the Caravan any firearm without our permission

Not to create any unreasonable noise or disturbance

To comply with the Park Rules (a copy of the Park Rules is attached to this agreement).


6. You are not permitted to assign this Agreement which means that the Caravan may not be sold with any entitlement for it to be stationed on the Park.


7. This Agreement will come to an end in the following circumstances:

 Because this Licence Agreement expires by passage of time or;

Because you have given us notice in writing to remove the Caravan or;

Because we have given you notice to terminate the Agreement because you are in breach of its terms and (in the case of a breach which you can rectify such as failure to pay the Pitch Fee) you have not complied with written notice to remedy the breach.


8. Where this Agreement comes to an end other than by passage of time you will be entitled to a refund of the Pitch Fee paid on a daily basis calculated by reference to the length of the Season. Where the Agreement comes to an end after the end of June we shall not be under any obligation to make any refund as we are not likely to secure another customer for the Pitch until the next season.


9. Where in the Particulars it is stated that Hiring is not permitted you are not entitled to hire out the Caravan to third parties but must occupy it for your own use and that of your immediate family only.


10. Unless you give us another address we will write to you at the address given in the Particulars.



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